instagram: audrey_roger

1. I use threads, fabric, paint, ink, paper towels, nets, found materials, acetate sheets and screen shots of films.

2. Showing the process and getting the viewer involved in that interests me more than ‘a finished work’.
I like to show the accidents, the gestures, the act of making.
I like to leave things unfinished.
This allows me to capture the movement and keep the works dynamic and in a kind of suspended quality.

3. I paint directly with my fingers, I sew, I embroider, I quilt, I scan, I collage. 

3. Touching with my eyes gives me immense pleasure.

4. My works usually start from being drawn to particular colours and textures.
Everything else happens after that.

5. What really drives me is chasing the unknown, unpredictable quality of the process.
Not knowing where I’m being led and how works will take shape. Feeling my way in the dark. 

There are situations, of course, that leave you utterly speechless.
All you can do is hint at things.
Words too can’t do more than just evoke things.

                                                                                                                        Pina Bausch